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Find your purpose, and your passion, at Milliken

At Milliken, in everything we do, we exceed expectations and refuse to settle for less. We work passionately to do good in the world and set new standards of excellence never before experienced for our customers and our associates alike. We spend our days exploring, discovering, creating, and pushing what is possible while always considering what is needed for our customers. We are innovating ideas that change the world.

We bring together the best minds in their fields; those who are not only knowledgeable but who are driven to dig deeper and understand more. Whether your field is research, engineering, chemistry, marketing, manufacturing, or you are simply an idea person, there is opportunity for you to do great things at Milliken within our family of associates.



If your curiosity is piqued enough to join one of tthe most respected, innovative, and ethical companies in the world, please visit our career center for current listings. 


​​Innovation Gallery

An interactive experience where visitors can take a peek inside our values, the legacy, and the purpose that makes Milliken what is it today and drives us toward t​he future.

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